How is Infrared Body Wrap Therapy and Detox Connected?

When it comes to detoxifying, numerous health professionals recommend far infrared heat saunas—also known as cocoon detox spa pod or red light therapy beds.

But, aside from being a trendy topic, how is this form of cleansing different from any other standard sauna — or even the clinically proved benefits of a hard workout?

Infrared fans think it provides various health benefits, including clearer skin, weight loss, and pain relief.

Infrared therapy, in a nutshell, involves exposing the body to infrared heat radiation. Light beams of this type are usually longer than viewable light rays. Far infrared cabins, spa capsules, and red infrared beds vary from regular saunas in that they raise your core temperature instead of heating the air around you, culminating in an intense sweat experience.

The approach has gained tremendous popularity in Europe and Asia. Still, except for a few detox spas in the United States, it is now making headway in training sessions, including more medical centers and physicians’ clinics around the country.

Infrared fans believe it offers various health benefits, including clearer skin, pain relief, and weight loss—not to mention a more soothing experience than a traditional sauna. But, are the claims true?

What’s the connection between infrared heat and detox?

Despite the notion that infrared heat treatments are new, sweating as a wellness activity is not. Sweat treatment has been used in the Greek and Egyptian dynasties for millennia. They would place someone very ill in a warm chamber and force them to sweat heavily. They recognized the need to remove whatever was causing the individual’s sickness.”

Technology has progressed through time—the traditional sweat lodge’s fire pits eventually gave way to the modern systems that heat the steam chambers, and dry heat cabins are seen at a spa. Far thermal devices used in Sun spa near me, on the other hand, use light pulses that penetrate the cells and tissues and heat them from within, as opposed to traditional procedures, which warm the air around the body.

That means that people who cannot tolerate the 200 F air temperature of a typical sauna can still benefit from it, as the ambient temperature in an infrared sauna only climbs to roughly 120 F. 

What exactly is infrared?

Infrared light is a kind of radiant heat that humans perceive as heat. Infrared Cocoon pods generate FAR, MID, and NEAR infrared radiation. This gives you a one-of-a-kind, triple-action detox!


NEAR infrared light transports energy to cells, promoting healing and alleviating pain. Hundreds of research worldwide have shown that infrared light treatment is effective, natural, and has no known negative side effects. It penetrates deeply into soft tissues, tendons, ligaments, and bone. Photoreceptors in each cell capture near-infrared. When light energy is absorbed, it creates a chain reaction of metabolic events that stimulate the body’s natural activities at the cellular level. There is an increase in blood flow, which allows the body’s components to obtain the oxygen and nutrients they require to perform more efficiently. Cell regeneration is boosted. Pain and inflammation are minimized.

MID Infrared

Mid-infrared wavelengths help boost circulation since they reach deeper into the body. So much so that the advantages of mid-infrared treatment are similar to those of sedentary cardiovascular training! Regular mid-infrared sauna therapy has been demonstrated to considerably increase blood flow, with the effects lasting long after the sauna session is over.

FAR Infrared

Far infrared sauna therapy elevates core body temperature. It creates a deep, purifying sweat at the molecular level, where most toxins get stored since it warms the body explicitly rather than just heating the air. Far infrared therapy also helps with blood pressure control and weight loss, melting up to 600 calories in a 40-minute session.…